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Solarizer Solar Water Heaters

Solarizer Water Heaters

Solarizer Solar Systems is the only Product with glass enamel coated tanks of sizes ranging from 100 up to 3000 litres in India. Over 5,50,000 domestic and industrial systems were sold to satisfied customers under the brand name Solarizer in India and Europe amounting to 6,90,000 m² installation area.

Solarizer Solar has now introduced new product ranges for different user applications under Solarizer Spring, Solarizer Ultra, Solarizer Value , Solarizer Anywhere, Solarizer Elite and Solarizer Elite Hybrid models.

available in Different models for Certain type of hard / soft water conditions

Solarizer Elite – Hybrid solar hot water system is specially suitable for large home which needs hot water at many points. It is very convenient to install a Solarizer Elite – Hybrid in a separate location (eg. basement, garage, storeroom etc) and connect the hot water to many points in the house through an insulated pipe line. The solar hot water system can also be connected to a pressure boost pump.

Solarizer Anywhere is a special solar hot water system. The solar system uses a small photovoltaic module to power a pump that circulate the heat exchange medium between the solar collector and storage tank. The tank of this system is mounted below the solar collector and therefore the system is very compact. The floor area occupied by the system is also very small compared to conventional solar system.

Solarizer Value combines quality and affordability to give you an economical and long-lasting solution for your hot water needs.

Solarizer Ultra is the best solar water heating solution for hard water. Using the latest technology and the highest quality manufacture from the house of Emmvee, Solarizer Ultra meets your water heating needs even in the hardest water conditions, without the worry of corrosion, leaks or blockages.

Solarizer Spring is designed to optimise the performance of the latest bathroom fittings, giving you the joy of high-pressure hot water bathing every day.

Emmvee’s heat pump-based water heater is a necessity in all modern residences and buildings equipped with modern jet shower, rain shower, jacuzzi etc.The heat pump based water heater as an advantage of providing bulk hot water at a desired temperature as an when required.

Integrated Heat Pump Water Heater​

With experience and knowledge of 25 years introduces integrated heat pump water heater for individual residences, residential apartment, domestic and commercial buildings which enable the end user to get hot water 24/7.


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