Hykon, Powering the Nation, an ISO 9001 company, is a pioneering presence in the field of power electronics with varied interests in Medical transcription, Information Technology, Solar Energy and so forth. Mr. Christo George, a committed and dedicated technocrat, set it up in 1991. Under his able stewardship the company has made rapid strides. Now Hykon is a multi-crore turn over company that directly employs more than 450 employees. What started out as a company with just 5 employees, Hykon branched out in to an aspiring group of 4 companies with diversified activities. Presently Hykon is a 100 crore turnover company that directly employs more than 400 employees. Hykon is ranked as 6th Indian manufacturing company by Soft Disk 2015-16. Hykon have received ISO 9001 for 3 of its group companies and is in the process of implementation of Total Quality Management.

The only Solar Water Heater in India with Various Mounting structure available and with single moulded Polymer based Inner Tank with over 5mm Thickness. Its a boon to customers whose bore well water is over 1000-2000 PPM which can damage any kind of metallic tank over a period of time. The stand is made with high quality aluminium (anti rust) which will give long life unless other with MS materials.

  1. • Ideal for hard water areas (up to 2000 PPM)
  2. • Inner tank – 5mm Thick Single Moulded Polymer
  3. • Outer tank – Pre painted Galvalume (PPG/PPG)
  4. • Stand Parts – Aluminium ( corrosion Proof)
  5. • Maximum water head – 3.5 Metres.
Hykon Solar Water Heaters

Horizontal Mounting

This is the only product which can be mounted horizontally and no need to increase height of over head tank

Hykon Solar Water Heaters

Slope Roof Mounting

Here you can see, this product can be mounted even on tiled roof as well.

Hykon Solar Water Heaters

Regular Mounting

This is usual way of installing or the Regular mounting structure

Hykon Solar Water Heaters

Open Roof Mounting

with open roof mounting structure