Omega Cleaning Robo

5 Step Cleaning System, Schedule cleaning and multiple path programs

Camera-based Vision Mapping wide-angle smart mapping system

Smart Sensor Deep Cleaning and 19 Obstacle Detect Sensors

Intelligent Turbo Mode – With self-adjusting suction power

Cutting Edge V6 Blade– Prevents getting jammed by hair tangles

Ultra Powerful BLDC Motor – Last more than 10 years

2:1 Vacuum and Wet Mopping – With the Infrared Remote

Save your time, save your energy!

iClebo Omega


Dream Come True Technology

More Knowledge. More Power.

Introducing one of the world’s most powerful robot vacuums on the market. 

Omega Cleaning Robo

Technology That Cleans Your Home and Complements Your Lifestyle.

Omega – Your Home’s Favorite Vacuum.
Omega moves easily around your home and across different floor types thanks to its adjustable 19/32” climbing height and five-step cleaning system with enhanced Cleaning Coverage and Visual Camera Mapping System.

Ultra-Powerful BLDC Motor

Improved BLDC motor lasts more than 10 years and its performance is 110 times more powerful than existing models

Omega outperformed the competitors’ robots on cleaning results


Camera-Based Smart Cleaning and Mapping System

Acquires the surrounding environment data and builds high-precision map to maximize cleaning efficiency of home and office environment

Patented cutting edge V6 blade

Advanced V6 rubber blade prevents itself from getting stuck with hair tangles. It is especially useful for locations with pets. This design significantly reduces maintenance (e.g. removing hair tangles) and improves product life.

Deep Corner Cleaning algorithms with 19 obstacle detection sensors

Features Intelligent Turbo Mode that recognizes areas with heavy particulates and automatically adjusts to Turbo mode for stronger suction. Turning on Turbo Mode manually via IR Remote also allows custom control of suction power when you want to intensively collect particles.

Unique 5-Step Cleaning System

More convenient features


Leading robot company YUJIN ROBOT meets the world class industrial design group INNO DESIGN.

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