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Kamal Solar 500 LPD FPC

82,800.00 72,500.00

》Capacity: 500 Litre Per Day(LPD)
》Inner Tank Stainless Steel 304 Grade
》Outer Tank Powder Coated / SS available
》Copper Panel 4 No.
》High density PUF insulation to preserve hot water for more than 48 Hour
》Free Installation & Delivery for Bangalore city limits only
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ATTENTION: First-time Buyers for solar water heaters, Please Click here and read the solar guide before buying a solar water heater.  Or Call for a site visit before purchase for evaluating the site status which is chargeble and refunded back when placing the order.  Plumbing Cost is not included in solar water heater price 


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Product Description

Kamal Solar 500 LPD FPC Water Heaters and one of the oldest brand in this market who produces a high-quality product with excellent after-sales service.

Kamal Solar 500 LPD FPC has set up highly qualified trained technicians & a service department to serve their customers, having over  2 lakh plus satisfied customer base all over India

Kamal solar have received the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality systems, with many government organisation have installed This brand.  Kamal solar still remain a leader in producing environment – friendly quality product.

Products OF Kamal Solar 500 LPD FPC will be delivered promptly with good after-sales service. Unilet solar Mission is “To educate and create awareness about the benefits of Solar Energy.”  for any help please do call Balan: 9632417722 or WhatsApp the same no.

Kamal Solar Technical Specifications

Kamal Solar Technical Specification for FPC Type Solar
Absorber Material(Fins)Electro Grade Copper
Absorber CoatingSelectively Coated Continuous Electroplating of Black Chrome over nickel substrate on Electro Grade 99% Pure Copper Sheet with heat  treatment to withstand temperature up to 3000 c
Optical PropertiesAbsorptivity = 0.96±0.02, Emissivity = 0.12- 0.02
Riser TubesCopper tube of Diameter 12.7mm ± 0.5 mm
Header TubesCopper tube of Diameter 25.4mm ±0.5mm
Bonding Between Riser & HeaderBrazing
Binding between Fin & TubeUtrasonic / Laser Welding
Back InsulationResin bonded Rock wool of 48kg/m
Collector Box I100mm X 25mm Aluminum channel, Thickness 1.41
Collector StandCorrosion resistant Coated MS
GlazingToughened glass, Thickness 4mm with low Iron
Transitivity> 85% @ near normal incidence
Retainer Angle for GlassAluminum Angle , size 25mm X 25mm X 1.6mm
Beading for Glass.EPDM Rubber
Absorber Area2sq. meter ± 0.2 sq. meter / Collector
Collector Tilt24.5 to HORIZON for places Located between
12 North and 15 South
Heat Transfer MediumWater
Collector Area2.03 sq meter .
Number of Fins9
Maximum Working Pressure245 kpa(2.5kglcm)
DimensionsLength -2030mm, Breadth -1030mm, Height -1


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