Kamal Solar Water Heater

The most trusted water heater manufacturing company.
At Kamal Solar, we are working on renewable energy with advanced technology to ensure your solar water heater gives you the maximum benefit keeping your water hot for a long time. The water is clean and hygienic as the tanks are glass enamelled coated. With Kamal Solar, we can together contribute to making our environment pollution free and add to the green energy. We are in the continuous process of upgrading our systems, machinery and adapt to international standard technology to produce the best in class systems for your residential, commercial, small and large project requirements.

Kamal Solar has its standing since 2 decades, established in 1998 under the incorporation of Velnet Non-Conventional Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd, and is one of the largest and leading solar manufacturing companies in India. We produce solar water heaters, solar street light and solar rooftop power system and solar water pump products. Kamal Solar is a brand known for its outstanding quality, excellent customer service, trust and prompt after-sales service.
Our commitment and dedication are to target and achieve 100 % customer satisfaction with delivering the best and most efficient products that are manufactured in our in house plant with the best state of the art machinery, technology and highest-grade materials used ensuring manufacturing of the finest products. All materials used are of the best grade as per industry standards.
We thank our entire team at Kamal Solar for their continuous and effortless contribution and total dedication in believing and contributing to the philosophy of the company.
The experienced and dynamic team of professionals and highly skilled workforce have supported us through the years in reaching our goals and making sure our institution stays on the Top and sustains our long-standing position in the industry.


ETC Type solar are totally maintenance-free, performs better than the earlier days copper panels.   Guarantee for the tank only is provided and not for ETC Tubes, as these don't have any wear and tear, hence give more life for the solar water heater. 


ETC tube are made of glass, hence chances are getting broken easily, hence proper care to be taken.  If one Glasstube is broken the entire systems doest work. 

Manufacturer doest give any Guarantee or warranty for the glass tubes.  


Review Overview

One of the oldest company still exists and produce very good quality solar water heaters.  They Give service all over Karnataka and have very good technical service personals.  The produce looks very good and performs excellently in all weather conditions.  They also Attach Electric Coil if required which works like a geyser. 


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