Microtek Home Inverter 1kw pack

28,000.00 19,500.00

Microtek’s, micro-controller based high-efficiency inverter is best suited for low-power applications. The micro-controller in Microtek Solar Management Unit, senses the battery full-charge voltage and it cuts off the battery from charging when it reached full charge status. It reconnects the battery if the battery charge drops to a preset level.Solar pack give you 4 hours of backup and can be used for 2 ceiling fans, 1 television and 2 tube lights.  Its possible to run a 700 watts mixer grinder.  Prices shown are for bangalore city limits only.  Other please call us.

solar Pack consists of

Inverter 1000 watts 1No.
Battery 150 Aeh 1No.
trolley – 1No.

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MICROTEK Home Inverter  is Micro Controller design based.  LARGEST SELLING SERIES of Extended Backup External Battery UPS Systems. It comes with many user-friendly features.

It has Voltage Range Selection Switch Range from 100V~300V and Narrow Voltage Range from 180V~260V.   UPS SEBz Series Models are based on Intelli Pure Sine Wave Technology which ensures Noiseless, Safe and Efficient Performance along with Longer Backup.
Weight – 9.700kg
Dimensions (L W H) – 384x375x194


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