Nuetech Copper Tank 100 LPD Insta Model


Nuetech Copper Tank 100 LPD Insta,
0.6 – 0.7 Gauge Copper Tank,
10 Years Guarantee On Solar tank,
High Quality 3 Layered Evacuated Tubes as collector,
Air-vent type for better hot water pressure,
GI and Powder Coated Sturdy Structure,
Nuetech Technical Specification

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Nuetech Copper Tank 100 LPD Insta Model

Nuetech Copper Tank 100 LPD Insta Model is manufactured by Nuetech company with a rich heritage in the non-conventional energy industry with its origin in the very nascent days of solar thermal business in India.

Nuetech Solar Systems is an innovative Solar Thermal Energy Company, focused on providing energy solutions by using Concentrated Technology. Since its inception, it has been a technologically, solution focused company driven by strong passion for environmental and social contribution combined with
high creativity and integrity. Using the power of sun as source of energy, Nuetech Solar Systems Pvt. Ltd. has implemented some of the world’s largest Solar Thermal Systems, Solar Water Heaters, Pressurized Solar Water Heater, Solar Lighting, etc.

Nuetech runs with a vision of “Greater quality of individual life, enhanced organizational efficiency and safer world, thanks to improved harnessing of solar energy.”

Our Mission:

To deliver top-of-the-line solar energy products & services and keep the customers delightfully surprised
To sustain a cutting-edge infrastructure and an inspiring working environment, with constant investments and initiatives
To adopt the best management practices
To promote usage of solar and other renewable forms of energy in daily life; enable conservation of conventional energy; and support movements for a clean and green planet


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