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House Cleaning Robot from iCLEBO-Omega

85,500.00 41,559.00

  • Demo available on request on chargeable basis, amount will be refunded once product is ordered
  • Smart Engine Algorithm having 50 navigation sensors which calculate 200 times/sec
  • Triple CPU which allows accurate space analysis, better cleaning and for Longer operation
  • Triple blade + Strong Rotating power + Vacuum will clean even fine dust particles.
  • Ultralight and slim makes it easy to carry
  • High Energy Efficiency makes it one of the best works for 120 minutes for a single charge.
  • Can Climb upto 20mm Door Sill or corpet to clean every corner of the house
  • Material: The clean robot is made of ABS plastic, high quality and durable
  • Widely application: Perfect cleaner robot for floor, carpet or other surfaces
  • Easy to use: Just turn on the cleaner robot, it will automatically move around and clean dust, hair and other tiny garbage
  • Size: L*W*H: 23*23*8cm(9.06*9.06*3.15in)
  • Automatically change direction: The clean robot will automatically change direction when objects or walls are detected


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Still vacuuming your own floors? Today’s robotic vacuums have more sophisticated, convenient technology than ever before, including sensors and suctions that can handle multiple types of messes and floors. If you’re still using a traditional vacuum, you could be living a much easier life by outsourcing your work to a programmable helper.
Here are just a few things that a robotic vacuum could do for you:

Save You Time by Steering and Recharging Itself

Robotic vacuums are self-powered and self-steering, sending themselves across your floors while you save your time and strength for other tasks. However, you may not realize just how little is required from you.
Unlike the earliest versions of these automatic cleaning machines, iClebo robotic vacuums don’t need your help to avoid obstacles, reach new rooms, or get every spot, either. State-of-the-art navigation technology includes sensors that collect data about the environment in order to map out and follow the most efficient, thorough path. These sensors make it possible for your robotic vacuum to avoid falls, adjust suction power for different terrain, climb door sills and uneven floors, and even return to its charging station.

Prevent Dust and Dander Buildup in Your Home

Dust contains more than just harmless dead skin cells. Dusty buildup also includes dander, pollen, microscopic germs, and other allergens and pollutants that make your air quality worse – and make you and your family more likely to get sick.
Opt for a robotic vacuum with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, which sucks up these tiny particles and prevents them from redistributing throughout the air and settling in your home. Instead of dusting on a daily basis or breathing in irritants, program your vacuum to trap these tiny, leftover particles as fast as they accumulate.

Eliminate the Need for Extra Accessories and Supplies

When you mop, sweep, and vacuum by hand, you need multiple tools and cleaning supplies to clean every floor. Traditional vacuums have even more accessories, including brushes and parts that must be switched for different types of floors. Robotic vacuums, on the other hand, know how to adjust their power and cleaning method as they encounter different surfaces. Every iClebo vacuum, from the iClebo Pop to the state-of-the-art Omega, can move seamlessly from hardwood to carpet floors, and many are multipurpose robot vacuums that actually double as wet mops.
Ready to upgrade to a robot vacuum? Contact us to learn more about your time-saving, dust-collecting, mop-replacing options today

Technical Specification

Model Name: Omega
Model / Part Number: YCR-M07-10
Power 53W
Standby Power 0.6W
Main Body Power Consumption 10W
Battery Lithium Ion(U-Ion)
Speed 35cm/s
Dimensions: WxDxH 13.62″ x 13.92″ x 3.42″
Weight 3.09 kg
Filter Antibacterial Filter / HEPA
Noise Level 68.5dB
Charging Time 180 Minutes
Running Time 80 Minutes
This House Cleaning Robot from iCLEBO-Omega will be yours for ₹41,559.00 , Need more info to Buy? Click below Here ➤

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