Hykon 340 LPD Solar Water Heater

42,500.00 33,500.00 Excluding Tax

The only Solar Water Heater in India with Various Mounting structure available and with single moulded Polymer based Inner Tank with over 5mm Thickness.   Its a boon to customers whose borewell water is over 1000-2000 PPM which can damage any kind of metallic tank over a period of time.   The stand is made with high quality aluminum (anti rust) which will give long life unless other with MS materials.

  • ideal for hard water areas (upto 2000 PPM)
  • Inner tank – 5mm Thick Single Moulded Polymer
  • Outer tank – Pre painted Galvalume (PPG/PPG)
  • Stand Parts – Aluminium ( corrosion Proof)
  • Maximum water head – 3.5 Mtrs.



Hykon Solar Water Heater