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Phoenix RO Water Purifier


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  • Super compact RO Water Purifier,
  • 100 % PP food grade plastic cabinet.
  • 4 Stage water purification.
  • Elegant Design is suitable for all kitchens.
  • UV protected tank.
  • Very high quality 100 GPD pump.
  • Elegant look.
  • Technically advanced with a very beautiful design.
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    RO water purifier for home with Multi Stage purification

    (Stage 1) Inline Sediment Filter:

    With a 1 micron rating, this filter removes dirt, rust and sand particles, making the water crystal clear. 

    (Stage 2) Inline Carbon Filter:

    It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides enhanced reduction of taste, odour, and colour. Chlorine removal is necessary as it is harmful to the RO Membrane, which is the most expensive part of your water purifier.

    (Stage 3) Inline UF Filter:

    UF filter has a pore size of 0.01 micron, filtering out all the superfine turbidity in water making the water crystal clear and suitable to drink.

    (Stage 4) G1 Filter:

    G1 Filter is a Nano-Technology based Antibacterial Matrix. It provides a single step, multi-stage purification, thus ensuring bad bio burden


    • You can change your filter on your own. No technician is required.

    This RO water purifier is equipped with an easy change filter where you can easily replace the filter yourself by purchasing from our nearest dealer.

    • No prefilter is required. Means neat and clean fitting.

    This RO has a very high-quality sediment filter that can be easily replaced and does the work of prefilter as well. The installation is therefore very clean.

    • Sediment, carbon, RO, post-carbon, UF, TDS control, UV, Alkaline (optional).

    A multi-stage water purifier gives you 100% purified water.

    • 10 litres huge storage tank with drain nut and cockroach free fitting of the tank. 100 % food-grade ABS plastic.
    • Intelligent computer-based digital display.

    This RO is equipped with an intelligent display showing all the necessary details about the system.

    • Advanced float and flushing system.

    Dual-stage float for increased sensitivity and RO membrane flushing to improve membrane life.

    • UV protected tank.

    Enhanced protection with UV rays.

    • Both sides inlet water, reject water and power cord connection.

    This water purifier can be connected to the water and power source from both sides making the installation very neat and optimal.

    • Intelligent filter change alarm system.

    The display is capable of showing when to change the filters.

    • Easy fault-finding system.

    The display is calibrated to tell all the faults that may arise in the water purifier.

    • TDS control with UF filter and TDS adjuster.

    TDS of purified water can be adjusted using a TDS knob given.

    • Very high-quality SMPS CE certified.

    This SMPS gives a stable 24 V and steady 2.5 A current.

    • Very high quality 100 GPD pump.

    This pump gives a very strong and stable water pressure to the water purifier.

    • High quality inline SV + flushing SV with FR.
    • Strong bracket fittings.

    Provides the filter with a sturdy hanging platform. This helps to easily remove and fit the front cover.

    • Elegant look.

    This product is technologically advanced with a very beautiful design.


    1) No warranty on filters. Filters are consumable. The life of filters depends on the quality of source/input water.

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