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Solarizer Elite 300 ltrs

105,400.00 85,600.00 + Tax

300 ltrs Elite solar hot water system is specially suitable for large home which needs hot water at many points. It is very convenient to install a Solarizer Elite – Hybrid in a separate location.   There is a option to use a  Pressure pump if required.   Conventional Solar hot water systems will deliver hot water only when the sun is shining. However, during the days of monsoon and overcast days, it is necessary to use electrical back up heater built in the solar tank to heat the water. Electrical heaters consume precious and expensive electrical energy
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No freezing of water in extreme cold conditions due to the glycol-water mixture circulating in the heat exchanger.
3 Years Warranty from the House of Emmvee, India’s leading solar water heater manufacturer.
International Quality Standards, Solarizer Elite is the only product made in India to have the Solar Keymark, the highest standard of global quality certification in the solar industry.
Emmvee uses only the highest quality components in Solarizer Elite, such as our CE mark heater thermostat.
Durability Assured, Solarizer Elite’s unique glass enamelled tank protects it from the corrosive effects of hard water.
The double circuit system helps protect the entire system from corrosion and other damage.
A Premium Magnesium anode prevents impurities from affecting heating performance.
Highest Aesthetic Considerations with screw-less collector is fitted with stylish translucent glass to give a discrete and modern look.
An internal expansion tank and compact piping minimise the impact on the architectural design of your home.
Easy mounting for sloped roofs makes it suitable for all architectural styles.
Safest System comes with high quality safety valves at inlets and outlets to ensure risk-free performance, even under high pressure.
Its robust stand design can withstand wind speeds of up to 150 km/h, when mounted as per the company’s recommendation.



Solarizer water heater is the only with glass enamel coated tanks of sizes ranging from 100 up to 3000 litres in India. Over 5,50,000 solrizer products are supplied in domestic and industrial systems were sold to satisfied customers under the brand name Solarizer in India and Europe amounting to 6,90,000 m² installation area. Solarizer has now introduced new product ranges for different user applications under Solarizer Spring, Solarizer Ultra, Solarizer Value , Solarizer Anywhere, Solarizer Elite and Solarizer Elite Hybrid models. Call Us Or Send Enquiry

Solarizer Ultra Technical Specification

Ultra Technical specification
Hot water storage tank specifications
Material of storage tank Glass enamel coated
Insulation CFC free PUF – Thickness: 50 mm
Outer cladding Pre-coated steel (RAL7035)
Air Vent Airvent for thermosyphon &
Valve 6 bar safety valve for pressurised system
Electrical backup heater 2 kW backup heater/220 V AC
Working pressure 6 bar for pressurised system
Tank construction Jacket type heat exchanger
Tank protection Magnesium anode
Tank capacity 100, 200, 300 and 500 LPD
Collector specifications
Absorber construction Single sheet absorber
Absorber coating High selective coating Absorptivity: 0.95 +/-0.02 Emmissivity: 0.047+/-0.02
Glazing Solar glass
Retainer key for glass Extruded aluminium with gray colour powder coating
Rubber beading for glass EPDM rubber
Heat exchange medium Glycol mixture (Primary circuit)
Weight of collector (dry) 32 kgs
Maximum working pressure 10 bar


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