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Sudarshan Saur 150 LPD Solar Water Heater

23,000.00 20,500.00

  • Sudarshan saur 150 LPD / Ltr solar water heater,
  • Warranty- 10 years,
  • suitable for hard water,
  • suitable for 2-3 person for a 1 BHK home,
  • Inner Tank Material Glass lined,
  • Consists of ETC Tubes as solar collector,
  • No pipe Blocking,
  • PUF Insulated tank  for 48 hours hot water storage,
  • Air Vent type system,
  • Efficient in cloudy weather condition,
  • Outer Tank- Powder Coated( mild steel).

Prices for Bangalore City limits only,  EXCLUDING ALL KINDS PLUMBING WORK,  Click Call for more info.  



Product Description

Sudarshan Saur 150 LPD Solar Water Heater

Sudarshan Saur 150 LPD Solar Water Heater consists of a number of rows of parallel transparent glass tubes connected to a header pipe. These glass tubes are cylindrical in shape. Therefore, the angle of the sunlight is always perpendicular to the heat absorbing tubes which enables these collectors to perform well even when sunlight is low such as when it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or when shaded by clouds.

Sudarshan Saur 150 LPD

Sudarshan Saur 150 LPD collectors are made up of a single or multiple rows of parallel, transparent glass tubes & each tube consists of a thick glass outer tube and a thinner glass inner tube, called a “thermos-flask tube” which is covered with a special coating that absorbs solar energy but prevents heat loss. The tubes are made of a material which is strong, resistant to high temperatures and has a high transmittance for solar irradiation.

Sudarshan Saur is a designer and manufacturer of solar water heater. Established in 1989, we have built a reputed name in the industry with our innovation and technology. We were one of the first companies to introduce enamel coated tanks in the Indian Solar water heater market with our trademarked Crystal Blue Glass Lining tanks. We at Sudarshan Saur, are strongly committed to providing the best quality products and after sales service. With 350+ dealers across India, we have been awarded ‘Highest Sales’ and ‘Best Service Network’ by the Government of India. We also provide solar energy solutions like Solar Power, Luminark Solar lamps, Fiado Heat Pumps, and Solar water pumps. We are ISO 9001:2008, BIS, and CARE SP-1A certified.

Sudarshan Saur could supply custom OEM solar water heaters to domestic as well as international manufacturers, trades, and assemblers.


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