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Supreme Solar 200 Ltr Water Heater

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Supreme Solar 200 Ltr Price with GST,
Stainless Steel SS304 inner Tank,
2.5-inch PUFF insulated tank,
Outer Body Powder Coated,
3 layered evacuated glass tubes with high-grade absorption material,
powder coated structure for all weatherproof protection
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ATTENTION: First-time Buyers for solar water heaters, Please Click here and read the solar guide before buying a solar water heater.  Or Call for a site visit before purchase for evaluating the site status which is chargeble and refunded back when placing the order.  Plumbing Cost is not included in solar water heater price 


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Product Description

Supreme Solar 200 Ltr price

Supreme Solar 200 ltr are made of Stainless Steel SS-304 Grade hence Supreme Solar 200 Ltr solar water is much higher than other Brands of solar heaters.  we from Supreme Solar Bangalore provide services all over bangalore city.   Supreme Solar 200 LPD water heater comes with an assistant tank to control pressure from overhead tank, this is provided along with the solar tank.  We recommend to use this to protect the tank from high pressure, if not used the guarantee will be void.

Supreme Solar 200 Litre Capacity Steel Solar tank.

For supreme solar 200 litre capacity to work perfectly fine with our High Quality Stainless Steel tank.   The over head tank height to be at least 5 ft high from the floor level.   This will ensure continuous supply of  water to our solar tank to function properly.  Because stainless steel work excellent on normal hard water areas. we also recommend to Glasslined solar if water hardness is too high, as the hard water even will kill the stainless steel materials.

Supreme Solar 200 Ltr price 

This Budget friendly solar water heater with 200 ltr capacity is the most used and sold product in india.  This product is well suited for a family of 4 to 5 and serve upto 3 bathrooms.

We Recommend to go for 220 Ltr Glasslined Solar tank if Water quality is very bad / high Hard Water.  following is the advantage of using Supreme Solar 220 Ltr Glass Lined Solar Water Heater. 

solar tanks with outer body stainless steel finish.
what is Glassline Coating? Click here

Why Glass-lined Coated Solar tank is Better

The most important characteristic of supreme solar 200 ltr from an industrial perspective, is its resistance to corrosion.[3] Mild steel is used in almost every industry and a huge array of products; porcelain enamel is a very economic way of protecting this, and other chemically vulnerable materials, from corrosion. It can also produce very smooth, glossy finishes in a wide array of colours; these colours will not fade on exposure to UV light, as paint will. Being a fired ceramic, porcelain enamel is also highly heat-resistant; this allows it to be used in high-temperature applications where an organic anti-corrosion coating or galvanization may be impractical or even dangerous (see Metal fume fever).[3]

Porcelain enamel also sees less frequent employment of some of its other properties; examples are its abrasion resistance, where it may perform better than many metals; its resistance to organic solvents, where it is entirely impervious; its resistance to thermal shock, where it can resist rapid cooling from temperatures 500°C and higher; and its longevity.[3]


Tank Variation available in Stainless Steel / Powder coated

Tank Outer Body

Powder Coated

Capacity / Liters


Technical Specifications

ETC Solar Water Heaters Technical Specifications

ETC solar water heater technical specifications

Tubes Specifications
Vacuum Tube outer diameter47mm/58mm
Vacuum Tube inner diameter37 mm&47mm
Tube Length1800 mm.
Tank Specifications
Tank InsulationPUF 50mm (Polyurethane foaming).
Inner Tank MaterialStainless Steel 304 L grade 0.5 mm.
Outer Tank MaterialGalvanized Powder coated/Stainless steel.
Inner tank Diameter380 mm.
Outer tank Diameter480 mm
Tank Volume100 liters to 500 liters.
General Specifications
Temperature65 degrees C to 85 degrees C
Stand frameGalvanized Powder coated
Method of WeldingSeamless and Non welding Technology.
Type of FastenersStainless Steel / galvanized
Type of GrommetsSilicon rubbers.
Type of CirculationThermosiphon.
Electrical Back Up2 KW & 3kw (optional).
Type of inlet feedingUsing gravity feeding tank for non-pressure, low mixing of hot and cold water, and long life of the inner tank
Total Space Required For Installation2*2.5m (W*L).
Stand Dimensions1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)

FPC Technical Specifications  

Collector Specifications
Section1.2 mm thick Aluminium
Back sheet0.46 mm thick Aluminium
Flat plate collectorUltrasonic welded with Nalsun coating
Header pipeCopper 24 SWG
InsulationFiber Glass wool
Collector size1030*2030*100mm
Foil0.05 mm thick Aluminum
Glazing1000 X 2000 X 4mm clear toughened glass for Regular size & 960x1660x4mm clear toughened glass for small size collectors
Glass beedingE.P.D.M. Rubber
GrommetsE.P.D.M Rubber
Tank Specifications
Inner tank material2mm H.R sheet with co2 welding inside coated with prime guard coating / 3mm for pressurized systems.
Outer tank materialPre-coated laminated sheet (color: Half white) / Mirror finish
Tank Insulation50 mm thick PUF
Side dish2.5mm for Normal / 3.5mm for PRD
Connecting PipesStainless steel
Tank Volume100 liters to 500 liters.
End CapsGI with PP coating
General Specifications
TemperatureMaximum 700c
FastenersStainless steel
Type of ApplicationsPressurized/ Non-Pressurized
Stand Dimensions1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)
Total Space Required For Installation2*2.5m (W*L).


Glass Lined Technical Specifications:

Tube Specifications
Vacuum Tube outer diameter47mm/58mm
Vacuum Tube inner diameter37 mm&47mm
Tube length2100mm.
Tube Weight30kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Specifications
Inner tank materialEnamel steel of 2mm &2.5 mm with the glass lined coating
Outer tank materialPowder Coated/Stainless Steel.
Tank Dimensions1480mm.
Inner Tank Diameter210mm.
Outer Tank Diameter550mm.
Tank Weight54.9kg.(For 220 LPD)
Tank Insulation50mm high-quality PUF materials.
Tank Volume110,165,220,275 LPD
Inner Dish2.5 mm
Outer DishAluminium with powder coated
General Specifications
Temperature65 degrees C to 85 degrees C
Total Space Required For Installation2*2.5m (W*L).
Total System Weight105kg (Approx).(220 LPD)
Stand Dimensions1050*1150*2160mm (H*W*L)
Stand Weight21kg (For 220 LPD)
Frame Angle27 degrees

supreme solar terms and conditions

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  1. Rajiv Reddy

    Note that the product Customer service is good! I feel did the right choice.

  2. amarpalli G

    I’m using supreme solar water heater since 2016 , it comes with additional water overflow control small tank, quality wise up to now I’m a satisfied

  3. john Steward

    If tank is SS than it is better

  4. goutham

    These are very much successful and very good with 0 maintenance but initial installation is required

  5. jaykrupa

    got much help in activation and demonstration of the warranty service

  6. shankar gowda

    looks good hope serve to the bestGood product and on time delivery

  7. joshi bobby

    1. Simple, stylish look
    2. Comes at a reasonable price
    3. The connecting pipes are provided along with the product are good, strong and durable.
    4. Suitable for a family of 3-4 (not for back to back usage)

  8. sri krishna

    Its a very good product.im using this since 5years. No problem at all

  9. faroq

    The product looks great. The design is pretty simple and slick. Extremely light weight, therefore highly portable.

  10. praveen kumar

    paid a lowest price and got the best product and service

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