Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater

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Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater,
2mm thick pressurized Inner Tank,
Glass-Lined Coated for extremely hard water,
Electric Coil Optional,
Outer Body Stainless Steel,
high-grade COPPER Panels as Solar absorption material,
1-year Guarantee for the system,
✓Available in Powder Coated & Stainless Steel Variations
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Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater

Introducing Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater a new German Technology for Supreme Solar Glass 220 LPD with Glass Lining(Enamel Powder Coated) water heaters, a water heater with lowest standing loss and stainless – steel container which is efficient and long-lasting.

The better corrosion protections in a water heater, more durable it will be (be it enamel coating, glass lining or polymer coating). This is better suited for areas with hard water or poor water quality, for example, bore water or hard water with higher salt content.

The bond enamel powder coating to the inside Supreme Solar 220 FPC Water Heater of it to keep it from rusting.   The Glassline coating meets drinking water standards and it can withstand temperatures up to 95 C. as a result of that we have been able to offer an extended guarantee to our customers.

Our endeavour is to make our products more durable, corrosion-resistant and non-sticky. We strive to achieve this by using the right mix of technology and raw material which is why we use Enamel Powder imported from Germany.

Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater

Supreme Solar 220 Pressurized Water Heater FPC type systems

Supreme Solar models manufactured with high standard machinery and precision technology.
At Supreme Solar, we are working on renewable energy with advanced technology to ensure your solar water heater gives you the maximum benefit. We use PUFF for Supreme Solar 275 FPC keeping solar water hot for a long time. Hence the water is clean and hygienic as the tanks coated with prime guard coating.
With Supreme Solar, it’s possible to contribute to making our environment pollution free and add to the green energy. Hence we are in the continuous process of upgrading our systems and machinery to international standards to produce High-quality solar systems for your residential and commercial purposes.

FPC Technical Specifications

1.2mm thick Aluminium
2Back Sheet
0.46 mm thick Aluminium
Fiber Glass Wool
0.05 mm thick Aluminium
5Flat Plate Collector fins(9 Nos)
Ultrasonic welded with Nalsum coating.
Copper pipe 24 SWG,Aluminium strip 0.20 mm
6Header pipe
Copper 24 SWG
1000 * 2000 * 4 mm clear toughened glass
8Glass bedding
E.P.D.M Rubber
High-Grade Steel
E.P.D.M Rubber
Powder Coating
Inner Tank
1.2mm C.R.C.A sheet with co2 welding inside coated with prime guard coating /2.5mm for pressurized systems.
Connecting PipesSS.
50 mm thick PUF
Outer Cladding:
pre-coated laminated sheet(colour: Half white)/ Mirror finish
End Caps:
GI with PP coating.
Support Structure:
Mild steel with powder coating.

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  1. Dr.Rajesh

    got it for my small hospital, good product.

  2. farahad

    using since few months, great product and amazing hot water.

  3. aadhinath

    5 year Guarnatee for the tank is the best, as my ealier one leaked within 2 years.

  4. aagney

    super hot water, cant expect more than this

  5. rajesh kumar

    good value for money

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