FPC Type solar water heater

FPC Solar water hgeater

FPC (Flat Plate Collectors) system: Flat Plate Collector Systems are metallic systems. They contain an insulated metallic box covered with a toughened glass. The metallic box has a layer of a copper sheet which is good for absorbing heat. The copper sheet is further coated with a black coating which improves heat absorption. The metallic box contains copper tubes arranged vertically and connected at the top and bottom by two horizontal copper pipes called headers. The cold water enters the collector (the metallic box) from the bottom pipe and rises up into the vertical pipes. It gets heated up in the vertical pipes. As it gets heated the water becomes lighter (hot water is lighter than cold water) and it rises up and gets collected in the storage tank via the top horizontal pipe (or header). This water now gets available for use.

FPC systems are long-lasting, as they are metallic. But they are expensive than ETC systems. They can work in colder regions with sub-zero temperature but will need an antifreeze solution making the system expensive. In places, with salty water, a heat exchanger is required with the FPC system to avoid scale deposition that can impact the heating capability of the system.

A system without a pump is ideal for domestic and small application users (as it is cheaper) provided water does not have high chlorine content. Those with pumps are good for industries.

These are metallic type systems and have a longer life.


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