Supreme Solar

Supreme Solar ETC PC

➄ Yrs Guarantee Steel inner tank, Powder Coated outer body and Structure.

Supreme Solar ETC SS

➄ Yrs Guarantee Stainless steel Inner  & Outer tank body, Powder Coated Structure.

Supreme Glassline

⑩Yrs Guaranteed Glassline inner tank, Powder Coated outer body

Supreme Glassline SS

⑩Yrs Guaranteed, Glassline Inner tank, Steel outer body, Anti-rust Structure.

Click on the prices to know about supreme solar models and its price. Below are the FPC Type solar water heaters along with copper panels. In addition the solar tanks are manufactured to handle Pressurized and Non-pressurized water conditions. However before deciding, consult the dealer for the type of solar water heater suitable for your water conditions.

Supreme Glassline

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Glassline Inner tank as anti-corrosion protection.

Glassline PRD

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Pressurized Glassline Inner tank. Anti Rust Structure

Supreme Normal

➀Year Full System Guarantee, Anti Corrosion Enamel Coated Inner tank 

Supreme Solar 220 SSGL

Supreme Pressurized

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Pressurized Inner tank.

All Supreme Solar product cost include tax, transportation and installation, Excluding Plumbing cost. This price is for Bangalore city limits Only Others please whatsapp your location Map and Model no. to Balan on 9632417722.

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