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Branded Supreme Solar - Solarizer - Hitech Radion Solar - Livpure Softeners - 3M Water Management systems - Blue Bird Softeners - Pay After Delivery and be safe...... All kind of Online Payment are Accepted  Need help? Call 9632417722...... Installation Certificate provided to apply for BESCOM. Buy only from Authorized Sellers!........ Branded Supreme Solar available in 200 ltrs, 250 ltrs, 150 ltrs, 300 ltrs, and 500 ltrs. Supreme Solar Glassline models available in 110 ltrs, 220 ltrs, 275 ltrs, Capacity,  Branded Solarizer available in 100 ltrs, 200 ltrs, 300 ltrs, 500 ltrs, and 1000 ltrs. FPC systems, are available in Normal and Pressurized models.

Supreme Solar ETC PC

➄ Yrs Guaranteed Steel inner tank, Powder Coated outer body and Supporting Structure.

Supreme Solar ETC SS

➄ Yrs Guaranteed, Stainless Steel Inner tank & Outer tank body, Food Grade SS-304 Grade

Supreme Solar Glassline

⑩Yrs Guaranteed Glassline inner tank, Powder Coated outer body

Supreme Glassline SS

⑩Yrs Guaranteed, Glassline Inner tank, Stainless steel outer body, Powder Coated Structure.

The following 4 blocks are  FPC Type solar water heater which is best suited for Borewell and soft water.  FPC Means Flat Plat Collector, GL means Glassline Coated Inner tank.  These are best suited for Pressurized or Nonpressurized Water applications.  For Non-Pressurized models overhead tank Minimum height should be at least 5ft from the floor level and for Pressurized solar water heater, you must use a pressure pump/booster pump.  Call us on 9632417722 if you need help.

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Supreme Glassline

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Glassline Inner tank as anti-corrosion protection.

Supreme Glassline PRD

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Pressurized Glassline Inner tank. Glassline Anti Rust Tank

Supreme Solar Normal

➀Year Full System Guarantee, Anti Corrosion Enamel Coated Inner tank 

Supreme Solar 220 SSGL

Supreme Pressurized

➀Year Guarantee for Full system, Pressurized Inner tank.

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