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Supreme Solar Water Heaters

Solarizer, kamal solar, V-Guard Etc.,

Unilet Solar is an Unique Authorized Off line Store for High Quality Branded Solar water heating systems and Softeners. In this store you get All product information available for your convenience with Best Pricing . Brands available are SUPREME SOLAR, SOLARIZER, V-GUARD SOLAR, KAMAL SOLAR, HITECH SOLAR Etc., Approx a 200 ltrs supreme solar cost you 18,900/- starting price. We also help you in selecting the right solar water heater for your home, Just give us a call on 9632417722 we will provide you all information to select the right product for your home. We are Authorized sellers for Major Brands of Solar water heaters, hence you get the Original Products with Excellent Quality , Price and after Sales Service.

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Branded Supreme Solar Solarizer V-Guard Solar Hitech Radion Solar Livpure Softeners 3M Water Management systems Blue Bird Softeners Pay After Delivery and be safe…… All kind of Online Payment Accepted…… Installation Certificate provided to apply for BESCOM. Beware of Un-Authorized Sellers!…….. Branded Supreme Solar Solarizer V-Guard Solar Hitech Radion Solar Livpure Softeners

Solarizer Models Available

☑Solarizer Value
☑Solarizer Spring
☑Solarizer Ultra
All pressurized Models available with Discounts 

V Guard Offer Price

☑5 Years including Asst.Tank
☑ Anti-Rust Materials used
☑ Heavy SS Materials for inner tank
☑With Special Discount
☑Sacrificial Anodic Corrosion Protection
☑ISO 9001:2015


Radion Hitech Solar

☑Superior Efficiency
☑Easy Maintenance
☑ 5 year replacement warranty
☑Price Starts 12,000/- for 100 Ltrs

Kamal Solar water heaters

☑Inner Tank Stainless Steel 304 Grade
☑High density PUF insulation to preserve hot water for more than 48 Hour
☑Free Installation & Delivery service for Bangalore location only

Hard Water Solutions

  • Automatic Water Softeners
  • Scale Prevention System
  • RO Smart Drinking Water Systems
  • Whole House Filtration System

Bluebird Water Softener

☑Superior Efficiency
☑Easy Maintenance

Water Softeners

☑Spotless, Cleaner & shinier Crockery’s & Utensils.
☑Reduces consumption of detergent, soap, shampoo etc.
☑Soft & Clean skin.
Smooth & Shiny Hair.