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Solarizer Value meets your hot water needs, saving you money every day. Solarizer Spring delivers the high pressure required for all your modern bathroom fittings such as the latest shower panels. Solarizer Ultra’s advanced heat exchanger system transfers heat from the collector to the tank through specially formulated fluid, meaning the copper tubes that remain free from the sediments that cause blockages. EMMVEE Solar has now introduced new product ranges for different user applications under Solarizer Spring, Solarizer Ultra, Solarizer Value, Solarizer Anywhere, Solarizer Elite and Solarizer Elite Hybrid models.

Solarizer from EMMVEE SOLAR now available in 100 ltr, 200 ltr, 300 ltr and 500 ltr in Pressurized and Non Pressurized tanks. Heat Pump Combo for 24 hours hot water. Available in Value, Spring, Ultra and Elite Models.
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