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Here we Offer you the best prices on solar water heater.

How to select a solar water heater? which type of solar water heater to buy? what capacity solar water heater to buy? which is the best solar water heater? How to buy a solar water heater...etc .

There are numerous Brands flooded in the market with various promises and assurances which will confuse you.

Here The first 4 blocks displayed are for ETC Type Supreme solar water heater works under thermosiphon method.

This is best suited for Borewell and soft water.

ETC Means Evacuated Tube Collector,
PC means powder coated outer body,
SS means Stainless Steel Outer body,
GL means Glass line Coated Inner tank.

These are best suited for water with Normal Pressure, that is water flowing from Over head tank.

Over head tank should be atleast 5ft from the floor level of the supreme solar water heater.

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