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Solarizer Spring PR 300

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Solarizer Spring PR 300 LPD Solar Water Heater,
Uniform heating,
Glass enamel tank,
Tempered Glass,
Laser welding technology,
Suitable for pressure pump (6 bar Max)

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ATTENTION: First-time Buyers for solar water heaters, Please Click here and read the solar guide before buying a solar water heater.  Or Call for a site visit before purchase for evaluating the site status which is chargeble and refunded back when placing the order.  Plumbing Cost is not included in solar water heater price 


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Product Description

The Inner tank of Solarizer Spring PR 300

The Inner tank of these models has glass lined coating, hence Solarizer 300 ltrs spring PR life of the solar water is much higher than other
Glass line solar water heaters are much reliable in harsh hard water areas. Glass line is a special coating which prevents rusting of tanks due to harsh hard water conditions.
Product PRailable in 110, 165 and 220 litres capacity in ETC type systems

Solarizer models manufactured with high standard machinery and precision technology.

Solarizer Spring PR water heating systems

At Solarizer we are working on renewable energy with advanced technology to ensure your solar water heater gives you the maximum benefit. We use PUFF for Solarizer 300 ltrs spring PR keeping solar water hot for a long time. Hence the water is clean and hygienic as the tanks are glass enamelled coated.

With Solarizer it’s possible to contribute in making our environment pollution free and add to the green energy. Hence we are in the continuous process of upgrading our systems and machinery to international standards. To produce High quality solar systems for your residential and commercial purposes.

The Inner tank of these models has glass lined coating, hence life of the solar water is much higher than other
this product also available in 100, 200,and 500 ltrs spring PR0 and above litres capacity in FPC type systems


Solarizer Spring Technical Specifications

Spring Technical specification
Hot water storage tank specifications
Material of storage tankGlass enamel coated
InsulationCFC free PUF – Thickness: 50 mm
Outer claddingPre-coated steel (RAL7035)
Safety valveAirvent for thermosyphon &
6 bar pressure relief valve for pressurised system
Electrical backup heater2 kW backup heater/220 V AC
Working pressure6 bar for pressurised system
Tank construction
Tank protectionMagnesium anode
Tank capacity100, 200, 300 and 500 LPD
Collector specifications
Absorber constructionSingle sheet absorber
Absorber coatingHigh selective coating Absorptivity: 0.95 +/-0.02 Emmissivity: 0.047+/-0.02
GlazingSolar glass
Retainer key for glassExtruded aluminium with gray powder coating (RAL 7037)
Rubber beading for glassEPDM rubber
Heat exchange mediumNA
Weight of collector (dry)32 kgs
Maximum working pressure10 bar

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  1. jaychandra

    igot it installed today, hope all goes well. Thanks to balan who arrenged for sunday

  2. mukarji

    top solar water heater, really! I never thought I produce such a hot water. Its really hot

  3. madhu

    It will be too early to give any review.

  4. Kokila mohan

    I got at the best price, good service and in time installation. Unilet helped me to get a plumber at a very reasonable cost.

  5. kannay govind

    I got the best deal from unilet solar and also there service is very good.

  6. Kanthimani

    This is an excellent product.- I purchased this solar water heater mainly to use our jaguar rain water shower which required high pressure water and I consulted unilet solar, a company based in bangalore with good sales and servicing network . Now I am very happy using super shower at home.

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