Emmvee has been a pioneer in the manufacturing of solar water heaters and solar PV modules for the last 29 years. The company right from its inception has being at the forefront of developing the most innovative and technically advanced solutions.

Emmvee’s ‘Solarizer’ is one of the largest manufacturers of solar water heating systems in India and Europe with a track record of selling more than 6 lakh units.

Solarizer is the 1st Indian company to manufacture glass enamel coated tanks and to manufacturer single sheet absorber collectors. It is one of the few Indian solar companies to acquire the Solar Key mark certification, a key indicator for full conformity with international and European quality standards.

Emmvee which started its solar photovoltaic modules from 2006 has supplied more than 2 GW of solar PV modules in India and international markets such as Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and North America.  It is the 1st company to set up a fully automated PV module manufacturing facility and the only company to use a multi-stack Burkle laminator from Germany. It is also the 1st Indian company to introduce a fully automated tabber stringer for PV module manufacturing.

Emmvee which has a manufacturing capacity of 500 MW is planning to expand it further to 1.5 GW along with its cell manufacturing capabilities by the FY 2022 – 2023 at Dobespet in Bengaluru. The production facility will be capable enough to completely manufacture the advanced PV modules of up to 650 Watt peak and cells up to 220 mm. This line will be capable to produce glass to glass, glass to backsheet, half-cut cell, and one-third cut cell modules. This facility will host a world-class laboratory to ensure all the materials used for manufacturing are of the most superior quality and standards.

Emmvee has executed multiple projects both in the installation of solar water heaters and solar PV modules.

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Solarizer Dealer Certificate
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