25 Ltrs Supreme Electric Geyser

10,847.00 8,800.00 + Tax

  1. Supreme Electric Geyser are 2mm thickness Enamel Coated Tank
  2. Pressurized to withstand pressure of upto 8Kg/cm2
  3.  Stainless steel heating elements with enamel coating
  4. ABS Polymer outer tank iconHard water protection
  5. Supreme Electric Geyser Thermostat Cutoff
  6. 1 Year Warranty on all Supreme Electric Geysers

25 Ltrs Supreme Electric Geyser

Enameled coated glass lined inner tank that gives corrosion resistance and high pressure withstanding capacity. 

Because of its high energy efficiency Supreme Electric Geyser considered as a New Generation Electric Water Heaters, also its high quality element which gives better protection and longer life.

Supreme Electric Geyser are super efficient products.


Supreme Solar

Supreme Products is one of the Leading Solar Water Heaters manufacturing companies in India.  Based out of Bengaluru and established in the year 2004.  we have grown from a modest customer base to a trusted brand in the home appliances market across the country. We recently introduced Glass-Lined Solar Water Heating Systems into the market.   Ours is an internationally renowned technology in Solar Water Heating systems to help provide clean hot water.  Supreme Solar Water Heaters available in two varieties Evacuated Tube Collectors and Flat Plate Collectors.   we have Supreme Solar Rooftop Solutions, Supreme Electric Geysers, Supreme Cooktop and Hobs, Supreme Heat Pumps, Supreme Kitchen chimneys and more.

Technical Specifications

Model SPWH-25ltr (V) SPWH-15ltr (V)
Volume(L) 25L 15L
Power(kW) 2 KW 2 KW
Voltage/Frequency(V/Hz) 230V /50Hz 230V /50Hz
Temperature (°C) 25-60 25-60
Rated Pressure(KG/cm2) 6 & 8 6 & 8
Product Dimension 340*530 290*500
Net Weight (Kg) 12.5 7.5
Gross Weight (Kg) 16 9.5
Product Warranty 1 Year 1 Year