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Supreme Solar 165 GL Water Heater

Original price was: ₹32,887.00.Current price is: ₹22,500.00.

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ModelSupreme Solar 165 Ltr
Offer Price22,500.00
Guarantee10 Years for Solar Tank
Inner TankGlass Lined
Price IncludesTax, Transportation & Instalaltion
Suitable for Hard / Soft Water use
Available inBangalore City
All UPI payment accepted

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Solar Guide and Bajaj


supreme solar water heater 165 ltr price

The Inner tank of Supreme Solar 165 ltr is glass-lined coated, hence the Supreme Solar 165 GL life of the solar water is much higher than others, Glass line solar water heaters are much reliable in harsh hard water areas.

A glass line is a special coating that prevents rusting of tanks due to harsh hard water conditions.  We at supreme solar also manufacture solar tanks with outer body stainless steel finish.
what is Glassline Coating? Click here

Why Glass-lined Coated Solar tank is Better

The most important characteristic of porcelain enamel, from an industrial perspective, is its resistance to corrosion.[3] Mild steel is used in almost every industry and a huge array of products; porcelain enamel is a very economic way of protecting this, and other chemically vulnerable materials, from corrosion. It can also produce very smooth, glossy finishes in a wide array of colours; these colours will not fade on exposure to UV light, as the paint will. Being a fired ceramic, porcelain enamel is also highly heat-resistant; this allows it to be used in high-temperature applications where an organic anti-corrosion coating or galvanization may be impractical or even dangerous (see Metal fume fever).[3]

Porcelain enamel also sees less frequent employment of some of its other properties; examples are its abrasion resistance, where it may perform better than many metals; its resistance to organic solvents, where it is entirely impervious; its resistance to thermal shock, where it can resist rapid cooling from temperatures 500°C and higher; and its longevity.[3]

Ref: Wikipedia

Tank Outer Body

Powder Coated, Stainless Steel


Supreme Solar