Why Glass-lined Coated Solar tank is Better

Glass Lined Solar Water Heater

What is Special Coated Solar tank?

Glass Lining (Enamel Powder Coated) water heaters are better corrosion protections in a water heater, more durable it will be (be it enamel coating, glass lining or polymer coating). This is better suited for areas with hard water or poor water quality, for example bore water or hard water with higher salt content.

At Supreme Solar we bond enamel powder coating to inside and outer layer of the inner tank to keep it protecting from rusting. Also, enamel; coating meets drinking water standards and it can withstand temperatures up to 95 C. as a result of that we have been able to offer extended guarantee to our customers. We strive to achieve this by using right mix of technology and raw material which is why we use Enamel Powder imported from Germany.

Glass lined Solar Water Tank: The Best combination of Technology and workman ship

Glass lined solar water heater — is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a inner surface of metal tank by firing between 850° C to 870° C. Molecular interaction, resulting in a coating that melts , flows , and then harden to a smooth , durable Glass Coating on metal surface. This forms and inseparable glass and steel substance. The glass lining provides longevity to hot water tank. In certain areas stainless steel tanks tend to fail and corrode more rapidly than glass lined tanks due to chlorides in the water. Glass Lining’s is an Internationally renowned technology in solar water heating systems to help provide clean hot water.

Enamel Tank Water Heater Corrosion Protection Technology

Porcelain Enamel Tank — is a trusted & proven technology for inner tank of water heaters. Used widely across the world, it is ideal for long life & trouble free performance in all kinds of water. More than 95% of water heaters produced worldwide are with enamel tanks. Excellent corrosion protection due to fusion of glass layer to metal.

glass lined tank
Supreme Solar Glasslined Solar tanks

Porcelain or Glass Enameled Tank Advantages

  • Makes the system suitable for all kinds of water.
  • No scaling or dirt deposits occur inside the tank.
  • Since glass is a good insulator of heat, water remains hot for longer
  • Acid, alkali, corrosion resistance.
  • No leakage, no seepage, good sealing performance.
  • Hot water is better than other tanks. (requires heat-resistant strips)
  • The interior of the enamel tank is smooth and easy to clean.
  • Gives you clean and hygienic water for bathing purposes.
  • Ensures no Particle react with the tank
  • High quality international standard glass coating keeps the tank free of rust and corrosion

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