ETC Ceramic Tank system Specifications

Technical specifications for CERAMIC ETC solar water heater :
Vacuum Tube size                58/1800 mm. (100L/125L/150L/200L/250L/300L)
Vacuum Tube size                58/2100 mm. (500L)
Tank Diameter             480 mm.(100L/125L/150L/200L/250L/300L)  
Tank Diameter           550 mm. (500L)
Tank Volume                  100L/125L/150L/200L/250L/300L/500L  
Temperature             65 degree C to 85 degrees C.
Tank Insulation             PUF 50mm (Polyurethane foaming)
Stand frame            Galvanized Powder coated
Inner Tank Material            Hot Rolled Steel with Ceramic coated
                                                (1.6mm for 100LPD to 300LPD & 2mm for 500LPD)
Outer Tank Material             Powder-coated/Stainless steel
Method of Welding            MIG welding Technology.
Type of Grommets             Silicon washers.
Type of Circulation            Thermosiphon
Electrical Back Up             2KW each (optional) for 100LPD to 300LPD
3KW for 500LPD
 No of tubes for various capacities is as under:
CAPACITY58 mm-1800mm
100 LPD10
125 LPD12
150 LPD15
200 LPD20
250 LPD24
300 LPD30