How Solar Water Heater investment Get back to you in 2 years

How a Solar Water Heater Saves your Money

Below is the Approx Calculation on how your investment on solar heater come back to you within approx 2 years. There are different models of solar water heater available depending upon nos. of people use it and depending on water quality. It’s advisable to read the Solar Guide on our homepage if you are new to buying a solar water heater. If you need any help Feel free to call Balan 9632417722.

How Solar Water Heater investment Get back to you in 2 years
  1. Savings on Electricity Bills
  2. Produces very high hot water
  3. Maintenance Free
  4. Easy to use
  5. Available in Copper panel FPC system
  6. Available in Glass Tube ETC System
  7. The inner tank is made of Stainless Steel / Copper depending on models. 
  1. Initial Cost is high
  2. During Cyclonic seasons it may not work properly
  3. If ETC System proper care to be taken, as it's fragile in nature.
  4. If FPC System, proper Service need be done regularly, chances are it may get choked up due to scaling. 
  5. ETC Types cannot be used for Pressurized water, hence be careful before purchase, and consult the dealer. 
Review Overview

Solar water heater saves electricity and produces very high hot water for the entire year.  Easy to maintain and the only initial cost is high, but can be recovered within 5 years.  Now it's mandatory to have a solar water heater for New villas or houses to have electricity connection.  Hence it's advisable to have a solar water heater not only to save electricity bills and save the mother earth from carbon footprint. 

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