Comparison between Steel and Glasslined tanks

Comparison between Glass Lining Tank and Stainless Steel Tank

Features and advantages compare to stainless steel panel

Corrosion resistance

  • Glass Lining Steel panel has good corrosion resistance against various chemical materials.
    ⇒Less cost to various applications
  • Stainless Steel panel has inferior corrosion resistance for chloride.
    ⇒Not appropriate for some wastewater treatment

Cost efficiency

  • High-intensity Glass Lining
    ⇒Less cost to various applications
  • Stainless Steel panel is not able to realize strength and cost at the same time.
    ⇒Large cost has no good cost efficiency.

Robustness against environment

  • Glass Lined Steel panel is suitable for usage in severe environments such as seashore and aerial pollution.
  • the stainless Steel panel is vulnerable to severe environment and reduces product lifetime.

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