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Supreme Solar primarily based out of Bengaluru and established in the year 2004. Our Solar Water Heating systems are best-engineered systems designed for individual household & commercial purposes. Now we are one of the best solar water heaters manufacturing companies in India

All our water heating systems comes with world class technology of PUF insulated High-Grade steel for inner tanks and external tanks are powder coated/Stainless steel which increases the lifespan and durability of the solar heaters.

Supreme Solar water heaters are budget-friendly water heaters. Our solar water heaters payback time is within the 2-3 years based on your usability and electricity tariffs. Using our solar water heaters for bathing and other purposes reduce your electricity bill appreciably, resulting in long-term savings.

How Solar Water Heater investment Get back to you in 2 years

How a Solar Water Heater Saves your Money Below is the Approx Calculation on how your investment on solar heater come back to you within approx 2 years. There are different models of solar water heater available depending upon nos. of people use it and depending on water quality. It’s advisable to read the Solar …

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FPC Solar water hgeater

Solar Tank and Stand Prices

if you need more information on this Please call Balan : 9632417722 Following are prices for Solar tank for Flat Plate Collector systems (FPC Type systems) S.NO CAPACITY Normal TANK  Pressurized TANK M S STAND PRD Valve PRD PIPE 1 100 9027 11597 2500 1200 1300 2 125 9327 12847 2600 – – 3 150 …

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