ETC Solar Water Heater

ETC Means Evacuated Tube Collector

Nowadays ETC type solar water heater is the most popular, there are many reasons for it.

  1. The main reason is it costs cheaper because of Glass Tubes are Collector
  2. Maintenance Free as there is no clogging or rusting of glass tubes
  3. works well even with hard water.
  4. Lightweight
  5. can be dismantled or assembled in 20 Minutes
  6. easy to replace damaged glass tubes
  7.  cost of tubes are very cheap

ETC solar water heater is used for normal pressure water only, but there is some manufacturer use even for pressurized water (cost will be slightly higher for this).  at present, we use it only for normal pressure water conditions.

To install an ETC type solar water heater following are the minimum requirements.

  1. Shadow free terrace area
  2. a 100 ltr solar water heater required 6ft by 8ft area
  3. overhead tank height should be at least 5ft height from terrace floor level.
  4. before installing a solar water heater, get Hot and Cold plumbing lines ready
  5. most of the solar water heater suppliers will no take up hot and cold water plumbing works, this will be charged extra if required.  talk to the supplier regarding this before purchasing the product.
  6. water should be let into the solar water heater only after 8 or 9 pm only for the first time.  This is very important because if the water is let in during day time, the ETC tubes will burst into pieces.  For ETC tubes there will be no guarantee or warranty, hence be careful.  Keep your plumber informed before he starts the work.  Once the water is filled up, there is no problem.
  7. keep the glass tubes clean, so that it absorbs more heat from the sun.

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