Pressurized Water Heaters

What is a Pressurized Water Heater?

Pressurized water heaters are manufactured to handle high-pressure water from the source.   

What are HIgh-pressure water sources?  

  1. If water sources from a very large capacity tank situated at a very high elevation (around more than 20 feet and above) increase the water pressure Due to gravitational force.   These are high-pressure waters, this kind of high pressure water is useful for Bathrooms with jacuzzis, Rainwater shower systems etc.
  2. In certain cases, people use a Pressure pump / Booster pump to increase the normal water for using high-end bathroom fittings.

Normal water tanks cannot handle this kind of high-pressure water, if used the solar systems will get damaged within minutes.

Hence keep in mind, if you are getting water from such sources or if you are using a pressure pump to boost the water pressure, then buy only a Pressurized solar water heater.

  1. A pressurized water heater can handle water pressure of up to 5 bar.
  2. Solar tanks are manufactured with high Gage material to handle the water pressure
  3. FPC (flat plate collector) Type Solar with pressurized tanks is best suited for pressurized water.

Here are some of the HIgh-Pressure Solar water heaters available 


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